Tamayuz Center

Our Approach

Tamayuz Center welcomes children between the ages of 1 to14. through which they undergo a holistic one-to-one process with our certified professionals in the field to properly screen, diagnose and treat your child’s learning challenges in order to maximize their academic potential, as well as in all other aspects of their social lives.

Our Services

Screening, Assessment and Diagnosis

Screenings allow our team to identify if there are children who maybe at risk of having learning difficulties, attentional difficulties, and other developmental factors affecting academic and behavioral progress. Screenings allows our team to determine the necessity for further evaluation. Further Evaluation includes implementing the most current standardized assessments to accurately determine the degree and nature of your child’s difficulty. A detailed report will be provided with the results of the evaluation and appropriate recommendations for intervention.

Individualized Education Program (IEP)

The Individualized Education Program (IEP) is focused on supporting your child in building his/her strengths, weaknesses, knowledge and skills. The IEP must include the following elements: Assessment of your child’s current educational level, including the ways in which their difficulty affects their progress; Annual goals and short-term objectives that will allow your child to progress and meet their expected level academically, developmentally, and behaviorally; individualized teaching strategies and techniques and one-to-one sessions for identified goals; continuous collaboration and communication with the students family and school in order to monitor progress in reaching their goals.

Training and Follow Up

We provide training programs for teachers and family members designed with the most appropriate strategies and methods to address the child’s individual needs. The training program targets the exact skills necessary to focus on at home and in school. On going evaluations that include follow up sessions are carried out in order to continuously monitor each student’s progress.


We provide a private tutoring program for all students designed to support them with their homework and remedial instruction in a specific subject. Our tutoring program is not exclusively designed for children with learning difficulties. Our instructors have the right skills to analyze your child’s academic capabilities. Our program includes an inclusive approach to tutoring where we collaborate with your child’s teachers at school, guiding them towards effective techniques that would allow your child to strive among his/her fellow classmates.

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